Date/Time Event
Tuesday 29 Aug 2017
The eight Mahayana precepts are taken for 24 hours. It is especially good to take them on full and new moon days, on Buddha Days and during solar and lunar eclipses. Observing precepts for even such a short time has...
Tuesday 29 Aug 2017
11:15am - 12:30pm
Yoga @ VI
with Tony Steele Yoga works with the body and the breath to still the mind. Through regular practice, achieve a sense of lightness and ease in the body and clarity and stillness of mind. At VI, we teach an integrated...
Tuesday 29 Aug 2017
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Tara Puja
Tara is the female embodiment of all the Buddhas' enlightened activities. This Tara Puja is a practice focusing on Tara, making offerings and giving praise, as a way of creating merits and strengthening our connection with our own enlightened potential....
Tuesday 29 Aug 2017
7:00pm - 8:30pm
A Praise of Dependent Arising
with Geshe Ngawang Samten A Praise of Dependent Arising was composed with great devotion by Lama Tsongkhapa, combining his understanding of the precise meaning of emptiness with his insight into the kindness of the Buddha for having given the teaching...