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Mantra Rolling

with Isabella Allan

The meditative practice of mantra rolling In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, holy statues enshrined in monasteries and on altars are always filled with mantras and other precious holy items. These sacred statues are then blessed in a special consecration ceremony. During this ceremony, the enlightened beings are invited to enter into and reside in the statues. In this way, the statue becomes a ‘living entity’ capable of bestowing immense blessings.

The entire mantra-rolling process begins with a range of precious mantras being printed on a yellow paper in huge quantities. These printed mantras are then cut into long strips, and rolled into a variety of sizes. This act in itself encourages a mind that is focused, quiet and patient.

Date & time: Saturday 19 August; 10am-2pm

Join for the whole day or part of the day. Lunch is kindly sponsored – for catering purposes please register online.

Mantra rolling will be followed by Geshe Samten’s teaching at 2pm.






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