Calm-Abiding – Blissful Abiding of Body and Mind

About the Teaching

In this meditation course we will look into creating the different conditions that facilitate the settling down of our body and mind, freeing them from the unnecessary tensions and agitation that disturb our peace and wellbeing. Through applying simple techniques in our meditation practice we can readily enhance the release of physical tensions, the experience of pleasant sensations coming from our meditation, and the calming of our mental processes so much so that both body and mind can actually abide in a state of blissful engagement in meditation. This in turn can benefit our life outside of meditation as we bring that sense of peace, calmness and mindful awareness into our daily interactions.

All are welcome; no prerequisite required.

Each session consists of a mixture of explanations, guided meditations and time for discussion or Q&A.



Mondays 7 pm - 8:30 pm
Nov – 21, 28
December – 12, 19 (no class December 5th)


Live Streamed Online

Vajrayana Institute, 9 Victoria Square Ashfield, from November 1st


By Donation
(Suggested: $15 per class)

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VI’s Generosity Model 

Vajrayana Institute is able to offer these classes thanks to the generosity and kindness of previous students and members. Donations are appreciated and will enable us to offer more amazing teachings like these in the future!

Donations are appreciated and will enable us to offer more amazing teachings like these in the future. There is a suggested amount for each class as listed above, however no set amount. 

Please don’t ever let financial difficulty be the reason for not attending class.

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