Discovering Buddhism Retreat Day: Presenting the Path

Buddhism for Beginners

Class Description

“First you should seek extensive listening of the extensive scriptures. In the middle, all extensive scriptures should appear as practice advice. At the end practice all day and all night. I dedicate it all to the flourishing of the teachings of Buddha”. Lama Tsong Khapa.

On this retreat day we will be putting Buddhist philosophy into practice – meditating on the lam-rim, or “graduated path to enlightenment.”

This retreat day is part of the two year FPMT Discovering Buddhism program.

Open to all. Morning and afternoon tea provided. Please bring lunch to share.

Date: Sunday 20 May

Time: 10:00am – 3:30pm

Cost: $35/30 VI members; $25 DB students

Class Location

Vajrayana Institute - Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Victoria Square, Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia