Dharma Art: Drawing Shakyamuni Buddha Face

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The class numbers will be limited to 12 so you are advised to register early to secure your place.

Priority will be given to those who have not attended a drawing workshop previously.

Bring own lunch.

Margaret McIntyre has been a student of Andy Weber (and his student Paul Smith) since 2016. She has been given permission to teach and use Andy Weber’s instructional videos in the class.

The drawing of Shakyamuni Buddha is usually the beginning of every dharma art course before other images are drawn, this therefore is a great opportunity for those new to thangka art and have not been able to join the previous classes this year.

Later in the year it is planned to have a Painting Shakyamuni Buddha Face Course using gouache paint for those who have completed the drawing course.

Participants do not require previous art or drawing skills, just motivation to be open to the experience and to be of benefit to yourself and others.

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Pre requisite:  Please watch the Shakyamuni Buddha Talk by Andy Weber.

Talks From New York – Andy Weber Studios


16th September , 10 am to 4 pm


Vajrayana Institute
9 Victoria Square, Ashfield


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