Dharma in Daily Life 2022

Saturday 8 October 9am (AEDT)

A Free Virtual Conference On Buddhism For The Modern World

Welcome to the second annual Dharma in Daily Life Conference, a free virtual event on the tools and techniques for leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Watch short talks and panel discussions on topics of immediate application to your life – how to thrive at work, have great relationships, deal with health challenges, and generally make the most of this precious life that you have.

Make a Donation to Support the Conference

This conference has been possible through the kind support of students and others who have donated to support the work of Vajrayana Institute. If you wish to support the conference, a donation is very much appreciated. 

What is the Dharma in Daily Life Conference? 


Teachers from a range of Buddhist and non-Buddhist backgrounds

Meditation Sessions

Meditation sessions to assist with relaxation and mindful awareness


Come together with hundreds of people from around the globe in one virtual conference

Join from anywhere

Join the virtually from anywhere in the world

2022 Speakers

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 9.16.31 am

Nadya Hutagalun


Ian Gawler

Teacher and Author

Our Media Partner