There are two practical ways of supporting Vajrayana Institute’s work:

To help us cover the costs of running the centre and supporting our teaching faculty as well as staff, you can make a donation at our online donation page here. Please note that such donations to our ongoing expenses are NOT tax-deductible.

By donating to the Vajrayana Institute Building Fund. This can be done either as:
* A monthly pledge – this helps towards our regular mortgage payments, or
* One-off donations – every dollar that you can give helps.

Please note you are entitled to a tax deduction for any pledge or donation made to our Vajrayana Institute Building Fund.

Just download this donation form and print it out. Complete and return it to us. Details are on the form itself. You can also contact our office to have a donation form sent to you. Official receipts for donations to our Building Fund will be issued to you early July each year.

Thank you for supporting VI.