Tax deductible donations

Your support of the tax-deductible VI Building Fund will benefit countless beings for as long as the Dharma is taught at Vajrayana Institute.

You are contributing to the happiness of the many students and visitors who attend class. You are also contributing to the happiness of their families, workmates, their community, and ultimately the world.

And the happiness you are facilitating is not the fleeting and ephemeral pleasure of worldly life, but the long-term peace and pacification of the hearts and minds of human beings along with everyone they come into contact with.

Donating to the VI Building Fund can be done with a monthly pledge or one-off donation. 

By supporting Vajrayana Institute, you are supporting a community and a place dedicated to spirituality, health and happiness for all sentient beings.

Donate Via Paypal

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* all dontations are in AUD

VI Projects and Causes

Your donations help us:

  • Cover the costs of running the centre
  • Sponsoring pujas
  • Sponsoring our ordained sangha 
  • Sponsoring artwork creation, statues or holy objects (Such as the painting of the Twenty-one Taras  in the gompa in 2017, or the purchase of the Dharmachakra for the entrance of our building in 2018) 
  • Support our teachers 

By contributing to a cause close to your heart, you create mountains of merit, and become part of Rinpoche’s vast vision. Donations made on hold days of the Buddhist calendar become especially powerful. You can choose where your money would like to go by including a note with your donation. 

Thank you for your generosity!

*Please note that such donations to our ongoing expenses are NOT tax-deductible.

Donate to the Building Fund via bank transfer

You can make donations via bank transfer

Account Name: Vajrayana Institute
BSB: 062438
Account Number: 28019162
Bank: Commonwealth Bank

You can set up recurring payments through your online banking in 3-easy-steps: 

  1. Sign in to Online Banking at your bank.
  2. Select the ‘Make a payment’ button on the Overview page.
  3. Select the Recurring payment option in the Payment details section.