Exploring Buddhism

An Exciting New Education Program
Our New Module ‘Exploring the Truths’ is starting in August 2022

In-person at Vajrayana Institute, 9 Victoria Square, Ashfield &
Streamed Online via Zoom

An Exciting New Education Program
Our New Module ‘Exploring the Truths’ is starting in August 2022

In-person at Vajrayana Institute, 9 Victoria Square, Ashfield &
Streamed Online via Zoom

Our Exploring Buddhism Program aims to provide a balance between study and practice, and between the growing understanding of the theory and the deepening of personal experience of the Buddha’s teachings.

Over six modules we explore the important Buddhist philosophical topics related to the mind, the practice of meditation, the different presentation of truths, the structure of the Buddhist path, the training and transformation of our mind and thoughts, and the supporting practices of prayers and the special ngondro (preliminary practices) that are conditions for generating spiritual realisations. Special attention will be given to relate these concepts to our daily experiences to facilitate the integration of the Buddha’s teaching to help us find genuine joy and peace in our life. 

Our weekly classes are supplemented by monthly half-day practice workshops to create the conditions for integrating the intellectual knowledge with meditative practice to ensure the study of Buddhism is grounded in practical application.

Benefits of the Exploring Buddhism Program

  • Learn key Buddhist concepts on the mind and its functions to gain clarity into our habitual reactions
  • Cultivate meditative serenity or calm-abiding to pacify the physical and mental reactivities to stress and emotional turmoil
  • Analyse the Buddhist presentation of truths to discern the reliable from the unreliable
  • Be acquainted with the structure of the Buddhist path to chart our journey to inner freedom
  • Adopt the special mind training practice to enhance our resilience and inner confidence in the face of life challenges
  • Gather the favourable conditions through practice for genuine spiritual growth

About the Teacher

The study and practice of Buddhist philosophy in a way that is highly relevant to our daily life depends entirely on a skilled teacher to bring it to life. Vajrayana Institute has the privilege of having a uniquely qualified Teacher who is capable of doing just that.

Wai Cheong Kok is from Singapore. He has been teaching meditation and Buddhism since 1996, with a special interest in making available the benefits of meditation to a wider audience. 

From 2006-2015 and starting from 2020, he has served as a senior teacher at Vajrayana Institute, a Tibetan Buddhist Centre affiliated to the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT).

After studying Dharma for several years, Wai Cheong set out to deepen his understanding of spiritual practice by completing the first 7-year Masters program in Advanced Buddhist Studies of Sutra and Tantra at Istituto Lama Tsong Khapa in Italy from 1998-2004. This was followed by a four month solitary retreat in New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each module can be completed at any time. You do not have to have completed any of the previous modules to enrol in the module currently running.

Yes! You can catch up with the recordings via our on-demand portal Vajrayana TV.

Yes. Vajrayana Institute is a COVID Safe Venue and follows all Government regulations and guidelines. View our Covid safe guidelines.

Yes! And you can also catch up with the recordings.

It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to study this course. However, the course is intermediate level and does assume some knowledge of common Buddhist concepts.

There will not be any assessment. There are points for reflection given out to facilitate personal study and reflection on the materials covered.

Roughly 2 hours for reflection and meditation per week would enable students to gain the most from the program.

A list of points for reflection will be provided for each module. It would be helpful to spend 10-15mins to reflect on each point once or more times as the relevant materials are being covered in class. Each weekly class will feature a guided meditation of 20-25mins and it would be very beneficial to repeat this meditation practice on one’s own several times during the week.

Download the Prospectus

Want to know more about Exploring Buddhism?

Download the program prospectus that has been designed to provide you with useful information about the program content and structure, including:

  • Overview of the program
  • Program syllabus
  • Timetable of classes and workshops

Enrol in Exploring the Truths

In this module of Exploring the Truths, we will examine:

  • Turning The Three Dharma Wheels 

  • The Two Truths of Interdependence and Emptiness 

  • The Four Truths leading to Freedom from Suffering 

  • Exploring Our Own Wheel of Life 

  • The Truths and Finding Refuge in The Three Jewels 

  • Buddha Nature – Our Fundamental Purity