Frequently Asked Questions

New here?

We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit us! We have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions below but please don’t hesitate to email us at office@vajrayana.com.au or give us a call on (02) 9166 7987 between 3.30pm and 7.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9am and 1pm on Fridays.

The reception and lounge area is open before and after class. Feel free to have a tea or coffee, chat with fellow students, browse the gift shop, or have a look at our library.

Come in through the gate and follow signs down the side of the building to reception. If the door is unlocked, please let yourself in and our wonderful receptionist will greet you and show you around. If the door is locked just ring the doorbell and someone will come to welcome you.

Then please join us for tea and biscuits in the student lounge before class, and feel free to browse around the shop or the library.

On the sideboard next to where you came in there are monthly calendars, free books on Buddhism, and an email list if you want to receive weekly reminders or sign up as a volunteer.

If you happen to arrive late, please join us for class anyway. After the effort of travelling here, we would much rather you come in! See reception and they will show you into the hall and find you a seat if the room is full.

Classes at Vajrayana Institute are offered on a donation basis. There is a suggested amount for a class, but there is no set amount. Donate whatever amount you are comfortable with. Please don’t ever let financial difficulty be the reason for not attending class.

The Dharma is freely offered, but the centre relies on your donations to keep the lights on, the photocopies rolling, the mortgage covered, and tea and biscuits on the table. If you need change for the donation box, please ask at reception. or you can make a donation via EFTPOS. Some people donate a large amount, others put in just a few dollars – everything is greatly appreciated!

It is traditional to remove your hat and shoes when entering the meditation hall. If you need to wear shoes for medical reasons it is perfectly ok to keep them on. Please keep your shoes on your feet around the rest of the centre for safety reasons, and remember to bring warm socks in winter!

Out of respect for the monks and nuns, we ask you to abide by the ‘neck-to-knee’ principle. This means in summer being mindful not to wear shorts, and avoiding strappy singlets. No sleeves is fine, but try to have the shoulders covered. If in doubt, bring a light sarong or scarf to put around your shoulders if you find the air-conditioning a bit chilly, and you can also use these to cover your knees for modesty purposes.

There is plenty of untimed parking on the streets around Vajrayana. Please be mindful of our neighbours and leave enough space for them to get out of their driveways and please do not park on the council reserve grass area in the middle of Victoria Square.

You might want to bring along a notepad and pen. Your glasses if you need them to see or read and a thermos if you want to keep your tea warm throughout the teachings or meditation.

If it’s winter, bring along thick socks, as we take our shoes off in the meditation hall. Depending on where you are in relation to the air-conditioning, you might want to bring a shawl or light blanket.

During weekend teachings and workshops we provide a light morning and afternoon tea and for lunch there are a number of cafes only a short stroll from Vajrayana.

Excelsior Jones

The Tart Sisters

Sideways Deli Café

There are many different classes to get you started at Vajrayana.

1) Come to the Sunday morning meditation at 10.30am and stay for an informal discussion and enjoy a cup of tea together afterwards.

2) ‘Buddhism For Beginners’ classes are held on Wednesdays at 7pm. You are welcome to join, even if the course is part way through.

3) On-going guided meditations are held on Wednesday evenings at 6pm and Friday morning at 10am. Beginners welcome.

Check out our full program of teachings, meditation and events here