VI Pilgrimage 2025

VI 2025 Pilgrimage: Dalai Lama Birthday Celebrations Dharamsala, India and Highlights of Bhutan

Vajrayana Institute Pilgrimage 2025

Book one leg of the trip or join us for the entire pilgrimage. Use the links below to find out more, and to book your spot. Don’t delay as places are limited.

8 days – Dalai Lama Birthday Celebrations Dharamsala, India

Accompany Geshe Samten to Dharamsala to celebrate the Dalai Lama’s 90th birthday in the main temple at McLeod Ganj.  Dharamsala is a unique part of the world and here we will immerse ourselves further into Tibetan Buddhist religion and culture, visiting the Tibet Museum and the Norbulingka Institute to witness the preservation of Tibetan culture. We’ll also visit Tushita Meditation Centre, an FMPT Centre where Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche frequently visited.

We’ll take a day trip to Tso Pema (Lotus Lake), the holy lake where Guru Rinpoche (see itinerary for Bhutan) is said to have been burned alive in a prye but was found to be sitting on a lotus in the middle of a lake after several days. While at Tso Pema, we’ll visit the 45 metre statue of Guru Rinpoche which overlooks the lake and the caves high above the town.

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6 days – Highlights of Bhutan

Join Geshe Samten on a Pilgrimage to Bhutan, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. Buddhism is the state religion of Bhutan and a way of life in this unique and deeply spiritual nation. You will follow in the footsteps of Guru Rinpoche, who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan in the 8th Century.

On the Pilgrimage you will visit ancient Dzongs (monasteries) amongst spectacular settings in the Paro Valley and Punkakha. You will visit the extraordinary Taktshang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest), which has become a symbol of Bhutan to the world.

On the Pilgrimage, enjoy the unique cultural heritage and pristine natural beauty of a country where progress is measured by the ‘Gross National Happiness Index’. This Pilgrimage takes in the many highlights of this mesmerising country, with the perfect combination of rural and urban adventure with Buddhism at it’s core.

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1-13 July 2025


India and Bhutan


Dalai Lama Birthday Celebrations Dharamsala, India - AUD $3,190
Highlights of Bhutan USD $1,990 10% discount for Sangha

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Donations are appreciated and will enable us to offer more amazing teachings like these in the future. There is a suggested amount for each class as listed above, however no set amount. 

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