Working with Anger and Attachment with Jampa Jaffe


Class Description

Buddhism has been called a science of the mind and many who practice it say the Buddha was similar to a skillful therapist who taught practical methods for dealing with the problems of ordinary life. Though Buddhism differs from psychotherapy in some significant ways, nevertheless, like psychology, it deals with the human mind and emotions and strives to create happier, healthier human beings and a better society in which to live.

One way Buddhism does differ from psychotherapy is the way it distinguishes between positive and negative emotions—whether the emotion serves to perpetuate the recurrence of our problems and, thereby, our experience of suffering or whether it serves to liberate us from them—and its many practical methods for promoting one and diminishing the other.

In this workshop, through talks, discussions and meditation, we’ll explore two fundamental negative emotions that we all share, anger and attachment—what they are, why they are viewed as negative and how best we can work with them—with the aim of lessening their harmful effects in our daily life.

No matter what our religion or whether we have any religion at all, learning to work with our emotions is useful for anyone seeking greater personal happiness and a peaceful world. Suitable for everyone.

Please bring pen and paper. Morning and afternoon tea provided. Please bring lunch to share.

Date: Saturday, 14 April

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Cost: $70/$60 VI members


Jampa Jaffe has been teaching Buddhism for over 20 years. American by birth, he was a monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for 17 years and studied for over 14 years in India at the Tibetan Library of Works and Archives and the Buddhist School of Dialectics. He spent one year in Thailand, studying and meditating in the Theravada tradition, and in 2005 completed a solitary one-year retreat in Spain. He has been the resident teacher at Buddha House, South Australia and the teaching assistant in the first FPMT Masters Program for Buddhist Studies in Italy.

Class Location

Vajrayana Institute - Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Victoria Square, Ashfield New South Wales, Australia