Dharma Art: Introduction to Painting with Gouache

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This year the Dharma Art classes will be focusing on learning how to use gouache for painting sacred images. Although gouache was not used traditionally, it is a medium that western students new to thangka painting are introduced to initially. We will be covering mixing colours, dry shading and wet blending.

There will be an opportunity for participants to learn to draw and paint landscape elements, some of the auspicious symbols and paint a previously drawn Buddha face when they have built some painting skills through practice.

People new to dharma art are welcome to join, you just need to be open and flexible to the experience, apply patient and persistent effort, and be dedicated to practice this application of Tibetan Buddhist teaching.

The classes will run each Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm throughout the first half of the year.  There will be some formal instruction as well as an opportunity to continue your painting practice at your own pace throughout this time. There will be some Saturdays when the classes are not on, so please check the VI Teaching Calendar.


Registration is required to attend the Introductory class on the 3rd February This class will discuss the course content and the materials required as there is a significant initial financial outlay for materials for painting. Anyone who plans to attend the course or is unsure if it is suitable for them needs to attend this class.

Materials for the Introductory class: come prepared to draw with pencil, ruler, rubber, A5 artists sketch book/diary. If you already have some Winsor & Newton Gouache paint and watercolour brushes please bring them along.

You will be provided with a more extensive materials list at this first class.

Andy Weber, our master teacher, has produced a number of Practice Books which provide a good introduction to drawing and painting materials and techniques. If you do not have any of his books and are new to Dharma Art it is highly recommended that you purchase the book on the Eight Auspicious Symbols as we will be using this book for referencing these instructions, and some of the drawings. It can be purchased from his website shop in ebook and hard copy formats. 


Margaret McIntyre has been a student of Andy Weber and Paul Smith since 2016 and is passionate about Dharma Art and encouraging participation in this most important traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice.  She has completed several traditional thangkas and facilitated a drawing class of Shakyamuni Buddha.


Saturdays (except for 10 Feb, 30 March, 27 April, 18 May, 8 June)
Time: 10 am-1 pm


Vajrayana Institute
9 Victoria Square, Ashfield


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Donations are appreciated and will enable us to offer more amazing teachings like these in the future. There is a suggested amount for each class as listed above, however no set amount. 

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