Vajrayogini Self Initiation

About the class

Who is Vajrayogini? She is the ultimate flowering of the female energy that lies within all of us, a fully enlightened buddha, the essence of totality- beyond duality, beyond ego, and fully controlled. Emphasizing wisdom, the yoga method of Vajrayogini trains us to identify with her divine qualities and leads us on the quickest path to enlightenment.

“The Vajrayogini yoga method is extremely powerful. It is just what we need in these degenerate times, with our delusions running rampant and our minds grasping at concretized sense pleasures. Therefore, a method such as this, which has the wisdom to transform delusions, is of the utmost need, especially as it has the profound property of becoming more powerful as delusions becomes stronger.” –Lama Thubten Yeshe



9 am - 3 pm
Last Sunday of each month. Commencing 26th February

Due to retreats there will be no meditations on the following dates:
31 March


Vajrayana Institute
9 Victoria Square, Ashfield


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Suitable For

This practice is restricted to only those with the appropriate tantric empowerment.
The full self initiation practice is also only to those who have completed the retreat and fire puja. Anyone who has had the VY initiation is eligible to attend the morning session, where we just recite the long sadhana.

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Vajrayana Institute is able to offer these classes thanks to the generosity and kindness of previous students and members. Donations are appreciated and will enable us to offer more amazing teachings like these in the future!

Donations are appreciated and will enable us to offer more amazing teachings like these in the future. There is a suggested amount for each class as listed above, however no set amount. 

Please don’t ever let financial difficulty be the reason for not attending class.

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